Some Before and Afters and Possibly In Over My Head…

I know I have been a bit behind with blogging lately and I’m trying to get back on track these days.  The end of summer and school starting has definitely made blogging a bit harder but really it is that I have several design related projects happening these days that are taking up extra time.  It’s great, but I’m trying to find a balance because I enjoy blogging so much.

Some furniture finds have kept me occupied lately and since we are short on storage I wanted to go ahead and paint what I could so they wouldn’t be sitting out for too long.  One was this antique dresser:

Pretty messed up but such good bones!  It is so well made and has its original casters and hardware.  Besides the finish it was in excellent shape.  And here is the after:

Below you can see a close up of the original hardware with a beautiful patina…

And I love the way this old varnish accepted the paint.  It made a nice speckly crackling in several areas…

The top has been refinished with tung oil but still shows some patina…

This is a really special piece and I will list it for sale on my shop page but will also plan to take it to the flea market in November.

The other project I finished was a pretty little pedestal side table.  Here is the before:

The shape of it is really pretty–curvy but not too delicate.  It’s in excellent condition but just needed some updating…

This would be such a fun side table next to a pretty upholstered chair or even as a display table in a hall or small bedside table.  The size makes it really versatile.  The top is now simple and warm with a wax finish.

This little table will also be listed on my shop page.

And finally I had to share these two photos because this is seeming to be a theme in my life lately:

This was my grocery cart at Costco the other day when I was just over halfway through!  I really don’t know how I made it to the car and into the house with all this stuff.  And then, where does it all go?  We will eat almost all of this before you know it…

And besides the dresser and the table, I found a few other amazing goodies while out shopping the other day and they got delivered today so here is my front porch at this very moment…

Do you detect a theme?

Behind the bed is yet another dresser–that’s three dressers, a table and a bed!  I think I have got to start looking for a workshop or something–my projects are taking over our house.  But isn’t that bed gorgeous?  Or at least it will be.  I love the barley twist posters.  I’m hoping it will be our bed but it might be too big for our room.  I may end up listing it in my shop when I’m through if we can’t get it up the stairs.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more transformations!

House Tour: Master Bedroom

Sorry to have been away for a week or so.  We had a small break in last week and someone stole my laptop!  The good thing to come of it is that we are finally  investing in a security system.  We’ve been meaning to for years…

I wanted to add another room to the house tour since it has recently undergone some changes.  You may remember I found that barley twist four-poster bed at my favorite salvage store not too long ago.  After dealing with the finish which was a pinkish beige stain from 1987, here is the new bed:


It’s hard to tell from these photos but the cover is actually a dark grey linen.  The comforter at the foot of the bed is a faded ticking stripe.


 Our bedroom is a lot smaller now as we moved from a double to a CA king but so far I am really happy with having a larger bed–especially since we frequently have little visitors. :)  Although this room is about the same size as the boys’ room, it lacks the large bay window.  We chose to make this one the master for several reasons though, one of which is this view from the window next to that chair above.  Here’s our view:

Not as great as many around the Bay Area but we are at the bottom of a big hill and surrounded by so many large buildings that seeing roof tops and tree tops was a big bonus for me!  I hope to someday make that window much larger or add a small roof deck with a glass door opening to it there.

 This is the view facing the other way.  The bed is painted in ASCP Old White.  The dresser will probably go on sale soon.  It was supposed to be temporary but here it sits 2 years later!  The mirror was an old garden gate I turned into a little trumeau.  The vintage brass light was an estate sale find.


 The chair needs recovering but I love the green.

 The swing arm lamps are new too.  I ordered them from Lowe’s and they were really reasonable.  Unfortunately, one doesn’t work!  I didn’t want to return it until after I took some pictures though.  Those curtains are also new–from World Market.  I love the pattern but the fabric is very cheap feeling.  One of these days maybe I’ll just add some lining to them to give them more weight.  The prints are antique lithographs of insects I ordered years ago from ebay.  I had to add a couple of weird things to the space so it wouldn’t be to sweet.  :) On my side of the bed are beetles.

Also had to share these wood block prints I got years ago at an estate sale.  I love these silly fat birds!  To the left there is our master bath and to the right is a very small walk in closet–another reason we made this the master!  That stool is an antique milking stool.

I found the green velvet of that one pillow at a discount fabric store here in Berkeley and I love it!  I have got to go back and buy more since I want to add some of these pillows to the living room as well.  It’s a versatile green that works well for fall and winter.

Click here for a small glimpse of our bedroom before the new bed and lamps, etc.