Lane McNab Interiors believes in an approach to design that is honest, grounded, and uncommon. The team starts with the architecture and environment of the house. Understanding the building’s vernacular and how it relates to its setting allows the designers to create interiors that resonate with the homeowner.


“We get it. You want good design — quality, style, functionality, and beauty, but without looking like you’re trying too hard. Every home has a story to tell, and your story is written within its walls. Let us help you articulate it and dare it to be better than you imagined.”  -Lane McNab


Honest Design

Lane McNab Interiors acknowledges a home’s past and understands its present. The juxtaposition of new with old can work beautifully: modern furnishings in a historic house or a vintage rug in a contemporary home can be a part of the homeowner’s collected life. Like people every home as a story to tell and an evolution. Lane McNab Interiors designs rooms that become an authentic part of the house.



Collaboration is an integral part of Lane McNab Interiors design process. The team translates the client's dreams of a home into reality. Drawing on the homeowner's inspirations whether it be travel, art, collections, pastimes, or family, the designers incorporate these elements into the interiors. Entering their new home, the client feels immediately grounded because the space reflects who they are.



Working with the best artisans and craftsmen gives Lane McNab Interiors’ projects an old-world quality in a new world setting. The designers draw on a talented and skilled group of woodworkers, metalsmiths, finishers and fabric workrooms. These masters of their profession are as passionate about design as Lane McNab Interiors.

Lane McNab Interiors, Inc, is a member of the Interior Design Society.