Lane McNab Interiors is delighted to work with clients who want refinement and quality in the next chapter of their home. We provide homeowners with elegance, custom finishes and unique personal touches that make your home what you’ve always envisioned it could be.  Each project is infused with our signature simplicity, warmth and livability as well as quality, sophistication and beauty to create spaces for relaxation, rejuvenation and connection.


Lane McNab Interiors works with clients on a wide range of projects including primary and secondary residences, new design-builds, renovations, remodels, and updates to decor. Whatever the scale of your project we bring our signature style to all levels and then see it through to completion. With a tried and true process and a deep understanding of the importance of communication and collaboration between architect, designer and contractor, Lane McNab Interiors has created a network of professionals and trades that provide quality service throughout the Bay Area.


Lane McNab Interiors is a full service design firm currently taking on projects of three complete rooms or more that include furnishings, fixtures, lighting, and accessories.  We generally have a full roster but please fill out our contact page to inquire about availability, reserve a place on our queue or set up a phone call to learn more.


We love to work with clients outside the Bay Area to create their dream homes as well. Please inquire. 




Lane McNab Interiors, Inc, is a member of the Interior Design Society.