Finally, it’s your time…

I know you’ve been waiting to invest in your home, putting it off while the kids were growing up, while jobs were changing, while you were building your dream.

I know you’ve been envisioning it for a while too--seeing homes you love in magazines and thinking how much you’d like to have your home be equally beautiful someday --elegant, stylish, organized, and comfortable.  You may even have a design board of ideas and images that inspire you. In your vision is a home that nourishes you, that feels artful and curated, that adds elegance and connection to your daily life.

So often, with so many things in life, you have to be the smartest in the room but when it comes to the design and renovation of your home, trusting an expert is the smartest decision you can make.  With an important investment like this it’s imperative to work with a team of people who understand, not just good design, but the complexities and detail involved in its execution. With our expertise designing artful, livable, beautiful homes as well as our relationships with qualified and experienced tradespeople of all kinds, you are investing wisely when you work with us and your project is in good hands.  We got you. The outcome will be amazing.

Your home really can be the way you imagine and now is the time to make it happen. You’ve found the designer and the firm that can take you there.  Make your home a source of pride, a place for entertaining, for welcoming family and friends, a place that enriches you and helps you live your best life.  It can all start today.


Lane McNab Interiors is a full service design firm currently taking on projects of three complete rooms or more that include furnishings, fixtures, lighting, and accessories.  We generally have a full roster but please fill out our contact page to inquire about availability, reserve a place on our queue or set up a phone call to learn more.


We love to work with clients outside the Bay Area to create their dream homes as well. Please inquire.  

– Lane McNab Interiors, Inc, is a member of the Interior Design Society.