Know Thyself!

I know…It’s been over a year since I posted on this blog…

I had such high hopes when I optimistically did those last few posts in 2017-2018. I was going to re-enter the blogging world and really get it going again just like I did all those years ago in 2009-2012. I was easily going to recommit to weekly posting, helpful hints, before and afters, and industry insider knowledge. It wasn’t so hard 10 years ago…why couldn’t I do it now? My how things have changed!

Back then I only had 2 kids, a slowing down operatic career, no business to run, and blogging was more of an outlet. Now I have 3 school aged kids, an interior design firm with 5 employees, a full roster of projects, and way too many ideas and goals.

That’s always been my challenge anyway—I want to have a successful luxury design firm, write a book, be a great mom, have a furniture line, be a blogger, get an official mentorship program going, etc, etc. Back when I was singing I had the same problem—have three kids, keep doing solo work, keep singing in the opera chorus, say yes to every role I was offered, etc. It’s not because I don’t want to say no to other people but really because I don’t want to say no to myself.

I’m trying to be smarter about all of this but still keep the idea in my mind that everything I want to do is possible. I’m going to keep working hard and try to be smart about it all (maybe bi-weekly posts?) and not let it become so much of a burden I have to let something go all together. Right?

Sure! I can do this! So, if you check into the blog, what’s in store this year?

  • Some truly gorgeous new projects, whole homes in a traditional style and some more contemporary ones

  • Photos from our tech company redo

  • Some advice I’ve garnered from mentoring other young designers

  • Before and afters

  • What’s happening with our firm on the inside

  • Design tips and tricks

I’m sure there will be more too. I hope to re-engage with you all and maintain this really important relationship better. Thanks for checking in and bearing with me. Stay tuned!


Terri Briggs